Happy Peanut Butter Day · Want to win a free consultation with me ?


by Kikis de la Creme

So, its Peanut Butter Day, January 24, 2018! –  I couldn’t be happier 😍. The other day we were working on our numerology questionnaire and John-John applied it also to me. Well, I am officially declared a ¨sweet teeth¨Peanut butter 2.

Everything from chocolate, beignets, cake, cookies, chocolate cream, truffles, cheese cake, Bienenstich ( a german speciality) cake up to Peanut Butter is welcome. During the mornings I like sweet delicatessen with a coffee or cappuccino. But in the evening I love to enjoy it also with a glass of Pinot Noir, Merlot or Champagne. 😄🥂

So, here my questions:
  • Do you like peanut butter?
  • How do you like to eat it, plain on a bread ?
  • … served on a slice of bread and with a jam topping ?

This is a little competition and you can win either an in-person or internet consultation with me.

What do you need to do ?
  • Sent me your selfie with your peanut butter bread in your hand or even eating it. Also send me your answers to our WhatsApp: +52 1 442-122-52-59.
  • The first person who send me the photo will be the lucky one.
  • This competition is only valid today and ends by 7pm on January 24th, 2018

I am looking forward to reading your answers.

Good Luck!!!!

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Christmas Bakery – Stollen

Christmas Bakery – Stollen

Have you tried already this delicious bread?  In Kikis Cafe since today we are baking again… We have done many of my Grandmother´s Recipes and in this year we are baking  “Stollen”.

Butter Stollen

stollen-2016 Kikis Cafe

Ya probaste está delícia? ✨en Kikis Café estamos horneando con el recetario de mi Abuela ✨ preparamos el traditional ?? “Stollen” .

Es un pan dulce con arándanos y chabacanos y una secreta mezcla de especies especiales !!! – riquísimo !!! El pan se puede guardar muy bien durante 8- 10 días.

Panes de 0.5 kg x $ 300.- • aquí mismo puedes levantar tu pedido ✨••••

WhatsApp: 442-122.52.59

o email:


What is Stollen?

The Stollen is a very traditional German sweet bread. It started to exist in the 15th Century and still today it is very “Fashion”. Nevertheless the first Stollen were all but tasty.  The church had made certain restrictions for the bakery, which for spices and butter were banned. So, the first Stollen were made only of flour, water and oil…. not very tasty!!!

Later on  the pope Nicolas V. change those restrictions. He received the famous “Butterbrief” from the family of Ernst of Saxony asking for permission to use butter in their bakery. The pope Nicola V. gave a permission, but  only to this family.

Thankfully, later on the permission was extended and nowadays there is really a variety of different kind of Stollen.

Probably the most famous is the Dresdner Stollen.  Here in Kikis Cafe we bake the “Butter” Stollen with raisin, apricots and marzipan. Other version are the Marzipanstollen and the Christstollen. Indeed the choice is difficult. Whichever you try, they are all very delicious.

Qué es Stollen?

El “Stollen ” es un tradicional  pan dulce Aleman. Los primeros Stollen se hicieron en el siglo XV y no fueron muy sabrosos. Esto se debía a que la iglesia impuso diversas restricciones a las panaderías. En este tiempo se prohibió el uso de mantequilla y de especies. Se imaginan como sabia el Stollen; hecho solo de harina, mantequilla y agua ?

Mas adelante el Papa, Nicolas V. levantó esta restricción cuando recibio la famosa carta de mantequilla “Butterbrief” por parte de la familia de Ernesto de Sachen.  Sin embargo el permiso se otorgó solo para esta familia.

Afortunadamente algunos años más tarde,  el siguiente Papa, Innozenz VIII. dio permiso general para elaborar los productos de panadería con mantequilla .


El Stollen más famoso viene de Dresden y se hace con pasas, frutas secas y mazapán. Luego hay el Christstollen, Butterstollen, Mazapanstollen; eligir es difícil ya que todos son deliciosos. En Kikis Café preparamos un Butterstollen de acuerdo a una receta de mi abuela. Ven a probarlo!



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