November 13th · Venus conjoins Jupiter

November 13th · Venus conjoins Jupiter

A very rare anual event that takes place this Monday , November 13th, 2017. There is also a Facebook live with several observations I shared earlier this Sunday, and additional details in the audios available in :

and for Android users  ⬇️⬇️

As this is such a special event and only happens once every 12 years, following find a list with the next dates.

Romance · Love · Business · Jewelry

There is creativity, love, romance, beauty, relationship goals and so much inspiration in the air. Pregnancy and children could also be some very important topics. Actually, if you have a chance to start your special Christmas shopping, don’t hesitate. The following days and weeks are just perfect to give some thoughts on this and to take action. This Monday´s energy is very auspicious for investments.

Isn´t it just amazing how things come together now?  So, if you have plans to pop this special question to your girl and still need the ring, well, I have good news for you. Especially this Monday is the perfect shopping day, but of course also the following days until the end of the month.

As well, if you have had for weeks an eye on these new Gucci shoes, the  oyster-perpetual-Rolex, now go for it. The universe gives a helping hand with this wonderful energy.

We start this Monday with numerology : seven. My special tip: include several coffee breaks in your agenda. You will love to have some “me”-time to reflect and plan on your relationship, business, love and life in general


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Happy Monday!
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Libra New Moon – Relationship & Partnership

Libra New Moon – Relationship & Partnership

Good Morning! Buenos Dias ! Guten Morgen!

Kikis Cafe is still on the road on this very sunny autumn day. Early this morning the weather forecast announced that this could be the last day of the golden, late summer October . Let’s see !

What’s for sure is , that this is a  Thursday with a Libra new moon. In Mexico it will take place at 13:20 p.m.

Relationship & Partnership

An interesting energy mix filled with suprises , now that the moon is in opposition to Uranus. Here the question: Do you want to be in that relationship ? How can you make work this Partnership?

The focus is on balancing your needs with someone else’s.
My special tips are:
  • Find common ground to start a shared journey
  • Definitely compromise requires courage.
  • Nobody says that this is an easy job – But maybe it is worth to go this extra mile.
  • Why not give it a try ?
So, go for it, as long as your freedom is not threatened. New social opportunities are on the #horizon
Yesterday, in my Facebook Live I talked about the planet of expansion, Jupiter. There are now Mercury, the planet of communication, and Jupiter transiting in Scorpio. This all together gives a special seductive touch to the new moon
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Qué soñaste ayer? Kikis de la Creme en EXA 99.1 FM

Qué soñaste ayer?   Kikis de la Creme en EXA 99.1 FM

“Qué soñaste ayer?

Esta es la pregunta que tengo hoy para todos ustedes.  Cada uno de nosotros suena algo a lo largo de la vida. De hecho las estadísticas revelan, que siempre soñamos, pero pocas veces recordamos el sueño. Mándanos un WhatsApp a la cabina y compartamos tu sueño. Comenzamo

La promesa de papel & pluma

Muchas veces despertamos y sabemos que soñamos en la noche, pero parece que este sueño se esfumo. No te preocupes, en otro audio compartire contigo un par de tips, cómo lograr que te acuerdas de lo que estas soñado.

Por lo pronto consigue un cuaderno, block espiral o un diario y una pluma. Coloca este pequeño kit del lado de tu cama. Hay que tenerlo a la mano, para que en cuanto abres el ojo, anotas lo que soñaste. Listo, te invito a escuchar los sueños que nos compartieron hoy y mis interpretaciones.


Muchas gracias por sintonizarme. Buen fin de semana. Hasta el lunes.

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Pluto joins the Retro Mania


Pluto joins the Retro Mania

Buenos Dias!
Guten Morgen!
Good Morning!


Timing is everything and so is your style. This is an interesting week with the planet Mercury starting to transit in the practical sign, Taurus, but later on switching back to Aries. The planet #Mars transiting in Gemini. Also the Sun is about to switch signs from Aries to Taurus…. 

Let’s see some details : today’s numerology is 4 – the perfect number to start a week with. A plan and a strategy are required. This number four is based on “13” and adds to the day a -goal- orientated- dynamic and an extra dose of creativity and inspiration. 

As many of you know, my team and I are just back form our trip to Greenville, South Carolina. This was a beautiful experience for all of us . I was invited to talk about Numerology and the unavoidable presence of numbers within the art and technique of Feng Shui . 

It has been a very inspiring and lovely trip, although Mercury retrograde interfered a couple of times. Luckily, we were able to handle all the challenges and even had some time to enjoy the spring weather and Easter celebrations.

As the month April keeps rolling we are in full swing of Spring!

I invite to embellish your zen zone and /or office with a nice plant or some fresh flowers. We also have a special offer to celebrate Spring at Kikis Cafe. For details and to schedule your appointments please click here : Spring Offer

Pluto joins the Retro Mania

This week the transformation planet , Pluto will also join the Retro Mania. This is an interesting energy reviving possibly some old resentments and issues with  “Daddy” could pop up.

Earlier this morning, I suggested in my Radio show to take the bull by the horns. If during the following 14 days you have the chance to schedule  in-person- appointments… please do so!!!! 
Having an in-person conversation is so efficient and with Mercury still retrograde you can just be sure to clearly express yourself and attend all kind of doubts and questions in the moment. 
It is surprising how we all (and I include myself) think that we are communicating crystal clear… and upppssss the message is all cross-wired.

With Pluto retrograde the opportunity is inviting to have that clearing talk with your father, boss or any other Patriarchal /authority figure in your life. Questions like: Am I happy with my profession ? … with my relationship… could surge. 

Pluto retrograde affects health, efficiency and helpful people. 

So if you are unhappy than I have another good news for you. Next week with the New Moon in Taurus starts a fresh cycle of opportunities for work and money. The energy will be just perfect to start a new routing. 

Here just a quick reminder: 

If you are a Feng Shui fan, a beginner, an intermediate or Master in the art and technique of Feng Shui come and join me ! For tips and recommendations you can subscribe to the 

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Copyright: Kikis de la Creme  · April 17, 2017
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April 2017 Energías !


April 2017 Energías !

Buenos Dias!
Guten Morgen!
Good Morning!


This week I greet you with a short glance of all “soon -to – happen” astrological events. As there is so much going on in the sky, I will be providing several updates to keep you informed.
Today we start the week with the moon in Cancer and the day´s numerology is eight…. quiet a lucky and prosper number. If you haven’t yet experimented with my numerology tips, why not give it a try and stick an eight into your wallet ?

All you have to do is take a small piece of paper and paint the number eight on it. Then you place it into your wallet and lets see what happens. I would love to read your aha- moments… so, please feel free to send me and email.

Five planets retrograde in April

Yes, what you read is absolutely correct, no mistake. We start the month with Venus and Jupiter already transiting retrograde and during the month the planets Saturn, Mercurio and Pluto will join the club. This is a lot of retrograde energy which will have a good and challenging influence. 

So, to keep you updated all the details and tips will be provided on time. For now this week has a beautiful  aspect between Mars and Pluto in harmony. 

Mars and Pluto

On Wednesday April 5th the planets Mars and Pluto will be dancing waltz and make it a lot easier to focus on your financial life. Things haven’t´flowing so smooth lately and now you have the opportunity to get back on track. 

Saturn Retrograde

The retrograde season continues on Thursday , April 6…. the planet Saturn will be in slow –  mood until August 25th, 2017. You will need a solid plan to make things happen! Studying, finding a new mentor, a coach could be on your list too. Probably you will be finishing your tests or ebook… and the best of all you will get additional support from Jupiter ( the planet of expansion). 

Avoid confrontations on Friday

this is my special tip for the week  –  so far –  under all circumstances please avoid power-struggles and confrontations on Thursday. The planets Sun and Pluto will be in a very tense angle. Don´t forget your smile and your Bach Flower Cocktail with Impatiens 


We originally planned to have the “Feng Shui –  Los primeros Pasos” certification course this Saturday April 8, 2017 …. but for some reason things abruptely had to be adjusted and considering the astrological aspect… I can say …. this was and heavenly advice 🙂 –  Here the explanation. Power Struggle is the mayor keyword for the day. It´s better to channel your energy with some creative activity like dancing, singing or painting instead of being stuck in a meeting room. So, we will be paining on Saturday april 8, 2017, meanwhile the planet Venus squares Saturn and additionally the Sun squares Pluto. OMG!!!

This is a touch energy . Many of you will not be enjoying friendly and loving energies. Power struggle can even pop put with the friendly baker at the corner of the street.  

Here just a quick reminder: 

If you are a Feng Shui fan, a beginner, an intermediate or Master in the art and technique of Feng Shui come and join me ! For tips and recommendations you can subscribe to the 

“Special Feng Shui Newsletter”

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So far my forecast for this week. Please share it with your friend and family and invite them to sign up for the daily horoscope directly from my website. 

I invite you also to follow me on Twitter at @Kikisdelacreme, …and let me know how my Kikis Cafe Team and I are doing.

We love to get your feedback.

Thanks you & have a very lovely week. Stay tune…


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March Energies 2017

March Energies 2017

Buenos Dias! Guten Morgen! Good Morning!
It´s a new month with fresh energies. Just 20 days left until #spring starts. The weather here in Mexico is fabulous…. the flowers are blooming. It´s getting warm…. and well, starting this month – in particular this week –  it could be getting hot!!! 

Jupiter / Uranus opposition

I mentioned a couple of days ago that on March 2, 2017 there will be a Jupiter Uranus opposition. The planet Jupiter transits in Libra and Uranus in Aries. This will affect all kind of relationships. On one side you will wish to be diplomatic and kind, but on the other side there is impulsiveness and the tendency to act and reactive too quick. 

Think twice before you talk and act!!! 

Actually there has already been such an astrological situation between Jupiter and Uranus and this year we will have another confrontation in September… More about this when we are getting close to the date 🙂

Venus retrograde

Hello beauty planet!!!- –  Once Venus is stationing retrograde, don´t do any mayor beauty changes. Still on March 2, 3 and 4 you can dye your hair, get rid of your mustache, experience a new haircut…. but starting March 5 till April 15, 2017 just keep your current look.

On the other hand your charms and persuasive powers might be undergoing some disfunction. So, take it easy and stay with traditional procedures at least until March 20, 2017.

Sun in Aries

The Sun will start to transit in Aries on March 20. Passion will revive and the tendency to dive into an entrepreneurial venture or any kind of creative project is very strong.
Actually on March 27, 2017 there will be five planets transiting in Aries. Venus, Uranus, Mercury, Sun.. this is a super period for all Arians . There is confidence and enthusiasm in the air. There are so many opportunities for everybody. Lift your chin and catch the chances. 

The end of the month

For the end of the month my keyword for everybody is “negotiation” . The presence of Jupiter and Pluto brings stress to all kind of relationships ( you see relationships are sooooo important this year. I know I explained this related to the Year of the Rooster too). 

So, you might figure out, that you are not talking in the same channel. Your exception are either too high or are definitely focusing on a different vision for the future. So this is it what happens when Jupiter and Pluto are in a stressful angle. 

Do you remember what happened on Thanksgiving 2016 ? Check your calendar, maybe you did some annotations. …. this is the same planetary constellation and there will be still a third one… in August  2017.

So, this Spring / Summer season could bring some uncomfortable moments and urge you to balance different kind of powers.  🙂

Here just a quick reminder:

If you are a Feng Shui fan, a beginner, an intermediate or Master in the art and technique of Feng Shui come and join me ! For tips and recommendations you can subscribe to the

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Author: Kikis de la Creme, March 1, 2017
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Valentine´s Day just around the corner

This is the last week of the Sun transiting in the air sign, Aquarius. How has the month been so far? Have you been able to build up your team,

Valentine´s Day just around the corner

The Astrological Week Briefing

This is the last week of the Sun transiting in the air sign, Aquarius. How has the month been so far? Have you been able to build up your team, to implement some innovative software or even conect with like-minded people? 

Well, even if you are not somebody who fits into big community activities. I am sure your have been able to honor your individuality without loosing important aspects. 
Being unique and authentic in your style is what makes you irresistible to other. But on the other hand this makes it also difficult to join a group – This is life and balancing the different aspects is one of our job. 

Venus and Mars

Valentines Day

The two super hot planets, Mars & Venus, will be traveling in the fire sign Aries just on Valentines Day. There will be sparkles in the air . I mentioned earlier at the beginning of the year, that the rooster impulses love, relationships, pregnancy  and-so-on. So February might transform your social life and you will be able to enjoy present love or find new love!!! 

Piscis Season

On Saturday, February 18, 2017 the Sun opens the Piscis season . The two fiches swimming in different direction . Emotions will be flying high . Emotional Ups & Downs will be the daily bread… but don´t worry it´s nothing you won’t be able to handle for example with a cocktail of Bach Flowers. 

All kind of relationships will deepen. Compassion is the main keyword of all month. Open up to meet new people. But please listen also to their opinions, pain and hopes. 

Piscis is a dreamy sign and we will have the rose colored glasses on, which for once in a while a little reality check is totally necessary. This will help you to get back on track 🙂

Did you know that the Pisces season is also  called the “healing” period. Hopefully this will also smooth the political environment. 

Show your talent

There is something else you can do during Pisces season. Channel your emotions with some creative activities. Knitting, dancing, crocheting, cooking and painting are excellent options to cultivate also your talent. In Kikis Cafe Uptown Art we will be painting this week on Wednesday read on

So if you live in Mexico and close to Queretaro… I invite you to join us, meet new people and relax while you are painting. 

If you are a Feng Shui fan, a beginner, an intermediate or Master in the art and technique of Feng Shui come and join me ! 

For tips and recommendations you can subscribe to the 

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Acción Dejar ir

Acción Dejar ir

Acción dejar ir   –  tres sencillas palabras, sin embargo para ponerlas en practica se requiere un enorme esfuerzo.  “Dejar ir ” dos palabras que pueden poner a prueba su fuerza de voluntad. Y no importa en cual idioma se usan estas dos palabras,  el efecto es el mismo.

Se requiere la decisión de cerrar un capitulo o varios.

Sin embargo para llegar a esta fase en una situación, en una relación o en alguna etapa de la vida, ya se han recorrido miles de kilómetros. Algo, que la persona que está en este fase de  acción :  “Dejar ir”  –  temporalmente – no lo ve así.

acción Dejar ir – Fuerzo de voluntad

Estando aún en un mar de emociones . Las mismas altas y bajas del animo pueden estar obstaculizando la vista y la mente. Hay que hacer una pausa prolongada, respirar hondo y permitir que el estrés emocional se haga a un lado.

Si!  – Claro ! Esto cuesta trabajo y posiblemente no funciona con el primer intento. Haga dos, tres, cuatro intentos. Ahora está listo!

Se puede felicitar!  Ya llegó, después de todo el drama, estrés, dolor, enojo, desilusión a esta nueva etapa. Ahora reconoce, que es una persona muy fuerte y que puede aún lograr más.

Un ejercicio fácil y poderoso

Lo invito a hacer el siguiente ejercicio. Algo muy fácil. Solo ocupa un par de hojas blancas, una pluma, una vela blanca o morada, unos cerillos … bueno y su bebida favorita. A partir de este momento tiene tres días para escribir en estas hojas a las personas que le han lastimado.

No es necesario hacer diversas cartas. Puede dirigir el texto a cuantas personas sean necesario. Escribe en el idioma y con el vocabulario que le nace. Hoy escribe la primer parte, mañana lo revisa y continua escribiendo. Finalmente el tercer día termina el texto.

Ahora llegó el momento importante de concluir este capitulo y de “Dejar ir”. Prende su vela, doble su texto en forma de una carta y la va a quemar en la luz de ésta (su) vela.

Cuando se está quemando la carta visualice que se esta desprendiendo del lazo energético con estas personas. Las deja libre y a la vez Usted quede libre emocionalmente para iniciar una nueva fase en su vida.

Desde los ancestros el fuego es un elemento muy poderoso. Algo tiene que irse para que inicia la nueva fase.

Acción Dejar ir – La numerologia de hoy

El día de hoy, 6 de Febrero 2017, rige el numero “9” (nueve).  Me encantan estas oportunidades que la vida brinde para hacer una pausa y purificar. Ocasionalmente desintoxicar y depurar lo que ya no tiene sentido, lo que ya no funciona es esencial para que seguimos evolucionando.

Inicia la temporada de Eclipses

Seguramente me ha escuchado en mi programa Radio Kikis Cafe… llevo días anunciando que esta semana inicia la temporada de los Eclipses. En este 2017 tendremos cuatro eclipses. Inauguramos la temporada este 10 de Febrero 2017 con el Eclipse Lunar en el signo de fuego Leo.


Los eclipse siempre traen algo inesperado. También algo termina para que el nuevo proyecto, situación o relación puede avanzar. Los eclipses aceleran los acontecimientos .  Con más razón lo invito a tomar la oportunidad de hoy y hacer este pequeño ejercicio que les compartí.

Manana en mi programa de radio  –  transmisión en Facebook Live a las 8:00 a.m.  –  compartirè más detalles.

Hasta entonces le deseo mucho éxito con este tip. Bendiciones y un excelente inicio de semana.

The author

Kikis Background Año del Gallo Kikis de a Creme was born in Germany and lives since more than 26 years in Mexico. She graduated from University in Nutrition and Philosophy. For many years she worked in Automotive Industry and since the year 2000 she has her own Holistic Center “Kikis’ Cafe” in Querétaro, Mexico.

Kikis de la Creme works there as a Master Feng Shui, Decorator and Trainer, Master Reiki, Numerologist, professional certified Tarotist, reader and teacher of Lenormand and Tarot, Life and Spiritual Coach.

She offers personalized consultations, consultations via internet (Skype , phone), as well as classes, workshops and international conferences. As a Master Feng Shui she will help you to create harmonious and auspicious environments in your home, building, office and landscaping. For more details please visit :

The iBooks

Kikis de a Creme is the author of the book “La Tiendita”  Bildschöner Kuss” (available as free ibook in Spanish) . Since January 4, 2017 the book is also available in an English version.

For a free download please click here:

Lenormand a la Mexicana

Kikis is also the author and artist of the Oracle Cards:

– Lenormand a la Mexicana “Las Marías” ® – Please feel free to download your gratis 

App in iTunes / Googleplay: App Lenormand

Kikis de la Creme has also her own Radio Show “Kikis Cafe” which she has done in 3 month intervals  in Radio Integra  92.7 FM Queretaro Mexico –  listen to her online or directly from her App iTunes/Googleplay . As a Master Feng Shui she also shares her tips in the “Morning Show” Exa FM 99.1 San Juan del Rio, Mexico

Actually Kikis offers Radio Kikis Cafe from Tuesday to Friday in her Facebook Fan Page has Facebook Live programs

  • For online consultations, Skype Calls, personalized appointments, workshops, conferences, complete numerology and /or Feng Shui studies or if you are interested to acquire her oracle – Lenormand a la Mexciana “Las Marías”-, please contact via : 
Feng Shui

Screen Shot 2016-06-05 at 18.15.18

Dear Reader!
Let’s walk the talk together! It’s a pleasure for me to work with you, your office or home.  I have also consultation via phone and Skype, which is very easy and practical for you.
Here is what a consultation with me includes:

  • A full plan analisis with all the tips, observations and recommendations on colors and furniture placement
  • In case this is a home analisis, I include also tips and details for your bedroom, living room, front door
  • Suggestions how to enhance and protect your home/office
  • You will get also a recording you can download later.

Screen Shot 2016-06-05 at 18.15.41You can learn with Kikis de la Creme how to use Feng Shui for your clients and have a training presentation to your office.
Are you an architect or an architectural company? Would you like to complete your projects with Feng Shui aesthetic or a special Feng Shui touch?
Are your looking for a speaker to get a better understanding of Feng Shui and how you can impact our clients, buyers, members?
Please contact Kikis de la Creme directly to speak with her about presentations, training, workshops, speeches and certification courses.




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