Focus on your goals || weekly briefing January 15-20, 2018

                                                                                by Kikis de la Creme

Good Morning! Hello! Hola!

Starting a new week with very inspiring energy.   The dark lunation in Capricorn is your second chance to work on your goals, wishes . Trace your strategy and organize your ideas. Sometimes it is better to have plan with different short-term phases . You don’t have to do it all at once. Working with small steps can be very satifying and efficient.

Here my weekly briefing for this interesting and active week. Today’s numerology is nine, the perfect invitation to get rid of fear , sadness and very important laziness. This could be one of your best weeks of the whole year. So, what are you waiting for ? Time for some coffee and brainstorming.

Talk to you soon.

Happy Monday 🙂

P.D. The audio is also available in my iTunes Podcast Channel


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Pronostico semanal 8 de Enero 2018

Pronóstico Semanal 8 de Enero 2018

Astrología & Algo más 

Buenos dias !

Bienvenido a Radio Kikis Café con tips de astrología, numerologia, lenormand & Feng Shui.  Un lunes especial, ya que alrededor de 25 millones de alumnos regresan a las clases. Queridos Papás no olviden empacar la paciencia y tolerancia, sin duda el trafico será intenso. Por otra parte el trabajo y el aspecto financieros son dos temas importantes que trato el dia de hoy en mi programa.

La numerologia ya está lista desde temprano en Kikis de la Creme .

Comenzamos !!!

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November 13th · Venus conjoins Jupiter

November 13th · Venus conjoins Jupiter

A very rare anual event that takes place this Monday , November 13th, 2017. There is also a Facebook live with several observations I shared earlier this Sunday, and additional details in the audios available in :

and for Android users  ⬇️⬇️

As this is such a special event and only happens once every 12 years, following find a list with the next dates.

Romance · Love · Business · Jewelry

There is creativity, love, romance, beauty, relationship goals and so much inspiration in the air. Pregnancy and children could also be some very important topics. Actually, if you have a chance to start your special Christmas shopping, don’t hesitate. The following days and weeks are just perfect to give some thoughts on this and to take action. This Monday´s energy is very auspicious for investments.

Isn´t it just amazing how things come together now?  So, if you have plans to pop this special question to your girl and still need the ring, well, I have good news for you. Especially this Monday is the perfect shopping day, but of course also the following days until the end of the month.

As well, if you have had for weeks an eye on these new Gucci shoes, the  oyster-perpetual-Rolex, now go for it. The universe gives a helping hand with this wonderful energy.

We start this Monday with numerology : seven. My special tip: include several coffee breaks in your agenda. You will love to have some “me”-time to reflect and plan on your relationship, business, love and life in general


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Happy Monday!
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Super New Moon in Taurus

Buenos Dias!
Guten Morgen!
Good Morning!


Mark Twain wrote, “An open mind leaves a chance for someone to drop a worthwhile thought in it.

This is the slogan for the week. A beautiful and very powerful energy is surrounding us with the New Moon in Taurus this Wednesday, April 26, 2017.

This is not just any other #newmoon but a “Super Moon” transiting so close to the earth…. and happening in the 1. Earth sign of the Zodiac Calendar. It´s time to roll up the sleeves and get things down. Dedication, determination and patience are the main keywords to make your projects and dreams come true.

Let´s see some details: 


The week starts off with a motivating trine between Mercury and “see-it-through” Saturn, making it an excellent period to work on projects.

A productive New Moon in Taurus occurs on Wednesday, followed by a “thinking-outside-the-box meeting” between Mercury and Uranus. Innovation and craftsmanship will go hand in hand; the focus is on quality and originality.

Super Moon in Taurus:

3 Special Tips

Clients often ask for special Moon tips and in this occasion I have exactly three suggestions for you: 

  • Write your wishes, ideas and intentions down! This is an incredibly easy and super efficient excercise. 
  • Clear your mind! Another very easy and powerful tip… once you control your breathing. Sit in a comfortable position, lean back and just focus on inhaling and exhaling. Slowly, your mind frees from all the worries and emotional burden.
  • The last tip is focusing on decluttering your work space and of course you home . If your office is organized focus at least on your drawers… be super selective in what you want to store. The same applies to your wardrobe, shoes, bags… Once you have selected all you want and need to get rid off … lift the energy in your space with some incense. crystals and your favorite aroma.

If you decide to smudge, don’t forget to open the window after you finished. It´s important to bring the fresh air and chi to your space. 

Venus shifts into Aries

Venus shifts into extroverted and playful #Aries (o-la-la) on Friday, promising a flirtatious weekend.

!!!! –  There are no inharmonious aspects between the major planets this week, 

This is a busy week for us in Kikis Cafe …. If you signed up for the Webinar, please check your emails and activate your registration. The first session starts this Tuesday, April 25, 2017 at 10:00 a.m.
Also this Saturday we will have our Certification Workshop: FENG SHUI – Los primeros pass…. An email with the directions and details is already on the way to your mailbox. 🙂

Here just a quick reminder: 

If you are a Feng Shui fan, a beginner, an intermediate or Master in the art and technique of Feng Shui come and join me ! For tips and recommendations you can subscribe to the 

“Special Feng Shui Newsletter”

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copyright: 2017, Kikis de la Creme
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Valentine´s Day just around the corner

This is the last week of the Sun transiting in the air sign, Aquarius. How has the month been so far? Have you been able to build up your team,

Valentine´s Day just around the corner

The Astrological Week Briefing

This is the last week of the Sun transiting in the air sign, Aquarius. How has the month been so far? Have you been able to build up your team, to implement some innovative software or even conect with like-minded people? 

Well, even if you are not somebody who fits into big community activities. I am sure your have been able to honor your individuality without loosing important aspects. 
Being unique and authentic in your style is what makes you irresistible to other. But on the other hand this makes it also difficult to join a group – This is life and balancing the different aspects is one of our job. 

Venus and Mars

Valentines Day

The two super hot planets, Mars & Venus, will be traveling in the fire sign Aries just on Valentines Day. There will be sparkles in the air . I mentioned earlier at the beginning of the year, that the rooster impulses love, relationships, pregnancy  and-so-on. So February might transform your social life and you will be able to enjoy present love or find new love!!! 

Piscis Season

On Saturday, February 18, 2017 the Sun opens the Piscis season . The two fiches swimming in different direction . Emotions will be flying high . Emotional Ups & Downs will be the daily bread… but don´t worry it´s nothing you won’t be able to handle for example with a cocktail of Bach Flowers. 

All kind of relationships will deepen. Compassion is the main keyword of all month. Open up to meet new people. But please listen also to their opinions, pain and hopes. 

Piscis is a dreamy sign and we will have the rose colored glasses on, which for once in a while a little reality check is totally necessary. This will help you to get back on track 🙂

Did you know that the Pisces season is also  called the “healing” period. Hopefully this will also smooth the political environment. 

Show your talent

There is something else you can do during Pisces season. Channel your emotions with some creative activities. Knitting, dancing, crocheting, cooking and painting are excellent options to cultivate also your talent. In Kikis Cafe Uptown Art we will be painting this week on Wednesday read on

So if you live in Mexico and close to Queretaro… I invite you to join us, meet new people and relax while you are painting. 

If you are a Feng Shui fan, a beginner, an intermediate or Master in the art and technique of Feng Shui come and join me ! 

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Kick Off Eclipse Season 2017

Kick Off Eclipse Season 2017

A fresh week, new opportunities.. The first lunar eclipse is just around the corner. The 2017 Eclipse season opens up with the first full moon lunar ecplise in the fire sign Leo on February 10th, 2017.

If you are a Feng Shui fan, a beginner, an intermediate or Master in the art and technique of Feng Shui come and join me ! For additional tips, recommendations and all kind of astrological aspects you can subscribe / renovate to the

“Special Feng Shui Newsletter”

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Before I start with additional details related to the eclipse, there is another important event, that certainly will have an interesting effect worldwide. The planet of expansion, Jupiter, is turning retrograde in the diplomatic air sign, Libra. Until June 6, 2017 change is ahead. Libra is the sign that rules diplomatic affairs, peace treaties and also the balance of power in relationships. There has been a lot going on lately and now I have a couple of questions for you…. 

  • How can you bring more peace to your life?
  • How can you achieve cooperation, harmony and kindness in your own daily life?
  • Worldwide?  –  Well, how about beginning with your personal life and keep an eye on the mission of world peace.

Full Moon Lunar Eclipse

This lunar eclipse will bring sparkling opportunities for each of the 12 zodiac signs. This is a spectacular week ahead.

With the planets Mars and Venus transiting in Aries you receive a confidence boost and it will be hard for anyone to say “no” to you. Actually your willingness to work with others can lead to new togetherness and support.

… Latest by now, you will remember my words during the conference in December 2016… along the rooster year it is essential to declutter your circles of trust, of friendships and who you know. 

With Venus touring in Aries you may also explore new ways to add meaning to your life. 🙂

My special advice for this week: Use this positive energy to launch a project and pursue your goals.

For many of you the full moon eclipse will also light your house of true love. So, be prepared to either meet your soul-mate or to pop the question or to say “yes” if you already have been dating seriously. 

You are already coupled? Well, maybe you decide to have a baby!-…. or simply find an innovative way to revive your passion. 

Mercury in Aquarius

On Monday February 6, 2017 the planet of  “communication, Mercury, will start to transit in the air sign, Aquarius, until February 25, 2017. Having this and the first lunar eclipse in mind you might want to be careful with very important decision taking. During one of my Radio Kikis Cafe programs, last week, I gave a list of 8 Top Topics “What to expect during Eclipse time?”… so please expect the unexpected 🙂

The Eclipse will accelerate growth and progress. You will really be surprised to do things your never thought you could do over the next few month. 

There might also be a travel boost for several of you. If you can´t get away, try to attend a cultural event.

Mercury will help you to find the right words. Especially you will express yourself honestly with someone significant in your life. Taking more time to discuss plans for the future can help to deepen the understanding and support you share. 

Also this is a beautiful opportunity to catch up on a personal project. What´s on your list? You might immerse yourself in your favorite book, TV show, music, podcast, magazine…. 

Any appointments that are overdue ?
Well, now is a good occasion to get back on track with this. A Reiki session, aromatherapy or a Bach Flower treatment could be very useful. 

Now’s the time to upgrade your technology or spring for a futuristic gadget.  Mercury helps us forge new bonds both online and in real time. Community is healing and uplifting, especially during tense times; in fact “tending and befriending” is a known stress response. Don’t isolate!

Venus, Mars and Uranus 

Three very powerful planets are teaming up . I mentioned earlier in this forecast that the love life will be blooming. So, with these three planets touring in Aries your love life sparkles . 
Actually, even if you dont believe it, when you are reading these lines. … for some of you a stalled romance may be re-ignited or you may do the first move to meet somebody new. 
On another hand if you agenda has been too stressful to enjoy your children and partner, this week you will find ways to re-schedule activities and show them how much you care. 

I wish you all a very productive and harmonious week. Blessings 


The author

Kikis Background Año del Gallo Kikis de a Creme was born in Germany and lives since more than 26 years in Mexico. She graduated from University in Nutrition and Philosophy. For many years she worked in Automotive Industry and since the year 2000 she has her own Holistic Center “Kikis’ Cafe” in Querétaro, Mexico.

Kikis de la Creme works there as a Master Feng Shui, Decorator and Trainer, Master Reiki, Numerologist, professional certified Tarotist, reader and teacher of Lenormand and Tarot, Life and Spiritual Coach.

She offers personalized consultations, consultations via internet (Skype , phone), as well as classes, workshops and international conferences. As a Master Feng Shui she will help you to create harmonious and auspicious environments in your home, building, office and landscaping. For more details please visit :

The iBooks

Kikis de a Creme is the author of the book “La Tiendita”  Bildschöner Kuss” (available as free ibook in Spanish) . Since January 4, 2017 the book is also available in an English version.

For a free download please click here:

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Kikis is also the author and artist of the Oracle Cards:

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Kikis de la Creme has also her own Radio Show “Kikis Cafe” which she has done in 3 month intervals  in Radio Integra  92.7 FM Queretaro Mexico –  listen to her online or directly from her App iTunes/Googleplay . As a Master Feng Shui she also shares her tips in the “Morning Show” Exa FM 99.1 San Juan del Rio, Mexico

Actually Kikis offers Radio Kikis Cafe from Tuesday to Friday in her Facebook Fan Page has Facebook Live programs

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Dear Reader!
Let’s walk the talk together! It’s a pleasure for me to work with you, your office or home.  I have also consultation via phone and Skype, which is very easy and practical for you.
Here is what a consultation with me includes:

  • A full plan analisis with all the tips, observations and recommendations on colors and furniture placement
  • In case this is a home analisis, I include also tips and details for your bedroom, living room, front door
  • Suggestions how to enhance and protect your home/office
  • You will get also a recording you can download later.

Screen Shot 2016-06-05 at 18.15.41You can learn with Kikis de la Creme how to use Feng Shui for your clients and have a training presentation to your office.
Are you an architect or an architectural company  and /or would like to complete your projects with Feng Shui aesthetic or a special Feng Shui touch?
Are your looking for a speaker to get a better understanding of Feng Shui and how you can impact our clients, buyers, members?
Please contact Kikis de la Creme directly to speak with her about presentations, training, workshops, speeches and certification courses.




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Monday Jumpstart


Monday Jumpstart

Good Morning!

           Buenos Dias!

                       Guten Morgen!    


The pace of our everyday lives seems to be picking up speed. Today the kids are back to school (at least here in Mexico and in Germany too); the moon moves through Gemini . – We might have a hard time adjusting to a new schedule since the Moon creates several stressful aspects with Jupiter throughout the day. 

Mercury, the planet of communication is also back on track. Nevertheless there is no need for rusing your projects, as it will still take a couple of days to recover from all the cross-wiring and misunderstanding. And yes (!) now is finally a good time to buy your new phone, tablet, computer… or even the new car 

Balance the importance of  any event, since everything is apparently equally urgent. As you won´t be able to be attending all the issues of your long To-Do-List, it´s necessary to delegate some shores.

A very important keyword for today is  “patience”.

Whenever you feel overwhelmed take some minutes off. Go for a walk, grab your favorite coffee and enjoy some “me-time”. If you are good in crafting, then scribbling, painting, knitting, crocheting could be very relaxing too. Actually it is proved that 30 minutes dedicating to any of these activities is equally to the effect of one hour workout.

For my Feng Shui fans…

  • Today ´s Lo Shu square number is six
  • The element of the day is fire
  • The day is favorable for all who are rooster 
  • …and not so favorable for all who are tiger

I wish you a very happy Monday fill with positive vibes. 


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Happy New Year 2017

Happy New Year 2017

Happy New Year! 

A new year, a fresh beginning, a new month with the moon transiting in Aquarius –  the first sunrise. Good Morning!!!

Today´s numerology

Today´s numerology is three. An interesting date: 1 /01/2017, with three visible number “1”´s and adding up to a 12 .

In my Lenormand deck : Lenormand a la Mexicana 

(· I invite you to click on the  blue letters to get a free download) the card number 12 are the birds or roosters inviting to work on you communication skills in petite comité or with your inner circle of trust.

The card number 3 in the same deck is the ship representing a trip, a journney and in a more figurativa sense… the urge to move on. So it is! Time for new beginnings. The New Year with fresh opportunities.

For all my Feng Shui fans the element of the day is fire. The day is very favorable for the dog and bear and could be a little tense for the horse. So take it easy especially in all kind of communications, as the planet Mercury is still retrograde.

Numerology of the year

The year 2016 has been really intense and brought for many of us complicated news. If you like to hear a detailed explanation please click on the following video. In one of my Radio Kikis Cafe programs I talked about the trinity of 2015 –  2017 = Numbers 8,9,1.


There was severe illness, struggle, some lost there jobs, money and marriage and relationships of all kind were also complicated. So, I am very happy to be able to tell you that this year will be a lot smoother. .

For some of you actually the year started still with the moon in Capricorn…. but for all of us the Sun is still in Capricorn and giving the year beginining a serious touch . I hope you have been working on your goal and wishlist .

Focusing on the different planets, the actual constellation is perfect to do the kick-off of your projects.
Let´s see, we have the planets Mars and Neptune in harmony transiting in Pisces. This is an exceptional and powerful combination, the energy is inspiring and creative.

Mercury turning direct

The planet Mercury will be turning direct on January 8, 2017 –   but take it easy… as there are a couple of days required to get things settled. Watch your communications… you might be too frank and too strong.

First Full Moon

On Thursday, January 12, 2017 there will be the first Full Moon of the year in the water sign Cancer. After week of focusing mainly on your career, business and professional life, this can be quite refreshing. The home front will be number one on your priority list. 

Grand Cross

Nevertheless caution is advisable. Your family and relationship life could suffer some tension. There will be a Grand Cross formed by the planets Moon,  Sun, Uranus and Jupiter. Emotions will be flying high in your private and professional life… and well of course also on a worldwide level.


The Sun will switch signs on January 20, 2017 and start to transit in the air sign Aquarius.

Finally, the Chinese New Year will also start with Aquarius energies. In this occasion we will have the 2. New Moon before Chinese spring on January 27, 2017. So, on Saturday January 28, 2017 the Year of the Rooster starts.

I am sure that many of you are as happy as I am that the Year of the Monkey with it´s complicated numerology is about to say “sayonara”. 

So far my forecast for this month. Please share it with your friend and family and invite them to sign up for the daily horoscope directly from my website.

I invite you also to follow me on Twitter at @Kikisdelacreme, …and let me know how my Kikis Cafe Team and I are doin, we love to get your feedback.

Thanks you & have a very lovely week and year beginning. Stay tune…


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