November 13th · Venus conjoins Jupiter

November 13th · Venus conjoins Jupiter

A very rare anual event that takes place this Monday , November 13th, 2017. There is also a Facebook live with several observations I shared earlier this Sunday, and additional details in the audios available in :

and for Android users  ⬇️⬇️

As this is such a special event and only happens once every 12 years, following find a list with the next dates.

Romance · Love · Business · Jewelry

There is creativity, love, romance, beauty, relationship goals and so much inspiration in the air. Pregnancy and children could also be some very important topics. Actually, if you have a chance to start your special Christmas shopping, don’t hesitate. The following days and weeks are just perfect to give some thoughts on this and to take action. This Monday´s energy is very auspicious for investments.

Isn´t it just amazing how things come together now?  So, if you have plans to pop this special question to your girl and still need the ring, well, I have good news for you. Especially this Monday is the perfect shopping day, but of course also the following days until the end of the month.

As well, if you have had for weeks an eye on these new Gucci shoes, the  oyster-perpetual-Rolex, now go for it. The universe gives a helping hand with this wonderful energy.

We start this Monday with numerology : seven. My special tip: include several coffee breaks in your agenda. You will love to have some “me”-time to reflect and plan on your relationship, business, love and life in general


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Happy Monday!