Libra New Moon – Relationship & Partnership

Libra New Moon – Relationship & Partnership

Good Morning! Buenos Dias ! Guten Morgen!

Kikis Cafe is still on the road on this very sunny autumn day. Early this morning the weather forecast announced that this could be the last day of the golden, late summer October . Let’s see !

What’s for sure is , that this is a  Thursday with a Libra new moon. In Mexico it will take place at 13:20 p.m.

Relationship & Partnership

An interesting energy mix filled with suprises , now that the moon is in opposition to Uranus. Here the question: Do you want to be in that relationship ? How can you make work this Partnership?

The focus is on balancing your needs with someone else’s.
My special tips are:
  • Find common ground to start a shared journey
  • Definitely compromise requires courage.
  • Nobody says that this is an easy job – But maybe it is worth to go this extra mile.
  • Why not give it a try ?
So, go for it, as long as your freedom is not threatened. New social opportunities are on the #horizon
Yesterday, in my Facebook Live I talked about the planet of expansion, Jupiter. There are now Mercury, the planet of communication, and Jupiter transiting in Scorpio. This all together gives a special seductive touch to the new moon