New Moon / Black Moon September 30, 2016

New Moon / Black Moon September 30, 2016

Good Morning !!! Welcome to the New Moon Special.

Please notice we had a little orthographic mistake in our email horoscopes from September 29, 2016 -instead of “Blue moon” IT IS “Black Moon” 🙂


So, indeed we will have a New Moon in Libra on September 30, 2016 and probably we will have a total “Black Moon”.

Lets see, what “News National Geographic” writes concerning this New Moon –  Here I have a little paragraph for you : ….”

In this sense, a black moon is like the evil twin of a blue moon, conventionally understood as the second full moon in a month. But let’s be clear: This new moon—like any astronomical event—doesn’t bring ill tidings or herald the end of days, despite the astrological fear-mongeringthat has been seeping through the web.

If anything, this black moon is a harbinger of new beginnings and festivities: On the evening of October 2, the barely visible waxing crescent moon will shine on Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year. And on October 3, the growing crescent will mark the beginning of Muharram, the first month in the Islamic lunar calendar.

The September 30 new moon won’t even be a true black moon for the majority of humankind. In the Eastern Hemisphere, the upcoming new moon starts after midnight on October 1, putting it in the wrong month to fit the popular definition. (In London, for instance, the moon reaches its new phase at 1:11 a.m. local time, meaning that the United Kingdom won’t experience a black moon at all in the coming days, much less the apocalypse.)

As Rao points out, the Eastern Hemisphere will instead get a black moon at the end of the month, with a second new moon arriving on October 30. And for people living in East Asia, Japan, New Zealand, and Australia, the black moon will come on the perfect spooky date: October 31, or Halloween.”….

So far what the National Geographics shares in Internet.

New Moon

Every New Moon represents the end of a cycle and the beginning of a new one for the next 28 days.  So, get your “wishlist” ready!! – It´s time to take initiative and  to move on.

Fresh Beginning

Tomorrow we all get again the opportunity to do a total makeover. This is the chance for a fresh start. What´s on your To-Do-List ?

There is no need to get impulsive or stressed out. This is a very energetic moment and you might easily exaggerate. Which for it is really important to have a list, a plan and a strategy.

Breathe, think twice what you really want and wish for, as your wishes will become reality. This is the special part about the New Moons.

You can feel the effect of the New Moon for the next four weeks. If you want to start something new do it in the next 14 days.

Next New Moon

This means  you have four weeks to get things settles until the next New Moon on October 30, 2016

Next Full Moon

Your 14 most powerful days will end on October 16, 2016. Of course this does´t that won’t be lucky and efficient after this date…. It is just that then you will need some extra effort.


The urge to merge will be strong this week, for business, creative coupling and romance. Let the negotiations begin!

With Mercury officially out of retrograde since the 22nd, we are in the clear to discuss

  • to discuss deal points,
  • draft contracts,
  • or put a ring on it
  •  As I said in the weekly briefing earlier this week. ….remember that New Moons are starting blocks so there’s no need to rush to the signing table or the altar. In fact, there’s a warning label here: Choose your “other half” wisely! The seeds that get planted this week will be harvested under the corresponding full moon next April 11.Follow me on Twitter at @Kikisdelacreme, and let us know how we’re doing.Thanks for ready me and I wish you all a very happy and successful New MoonBlessing,

ROOSTER Feng Shui BOLERO 2017 You can win it

ROOSTER Feng Shui BOLERO 2017  You can win it

rooster-bolero-with-kikisHere the latest update!!!

The Rooster bolero is ready! • You can win it!!! -Since two day we are running the bet.  –  Yes! If you are interested in participating, please  watch the video for details (full length video is also available in my FB: Kikis de la Creme Inspiration) •

This piece is all done by myself, knitted in one single piece. The material is 10o % wool with natural oils. Size: S/M It´s a beautiful Feng Shui knitted piece and could be your first piece your wardrobe for the coming year, Year of the Fire Rooster 2017.

The deadline for all your offers is this


September 30, 2016

Latest Update 

ROOSTER Feng Shui BOLERO 2017  You can win it

  • we take care of the #shipment costs to USA, Germany and Mexico – any other country you will share costs
  • the bird pin is not included! ?
  • We already have the 2. update of your offers…..scroll down for the details…. now the lasted bet is MX$2000.-  / US$ 103,-

Here in Kikis Cafe Team,we are sooooo excited.

Your participation is really increíble and it is so great to read all your comments and offers…. Surprisingly people are shy and instead of posting directly below the video we get all the inboxes . So,we have to be fair and transparent, which for we are posting everyday the latest status!!!

Summing up ( as you also can read in my instagrams)

hope to hear soon from you• ? Good Luck !!!!?


Lunar Eclipse in Pisces – Sept 16, 2016

Lunar Eclipse in Pisces –  Sept 16, 2016


This is the Eclipse month. The second Eclipse, the Lunar Eclipse is just a step away. Actually it is a Penumbral Lunar Eclipes this Friday, September 16th. The Eclipse will have an impact on all of us. There will be a lot of energetic activity and you might feel exhausted and tired.

Some of the zodiac signs like Sagittarius, Leo and Aries should really consider to implement sufficient time for resting and some power naps. Let´s see what else the Eclipse has in store for all of us:

neptuneThe Eclipse will take place very close to Neptune and here I like to share with all of you a couple of extra tips.




  • Be careful with the water you drink . Choose bottled water.
  • There might be an excess if rain
  • Review all your tubes –  you might have a leak
  • If you love to be in your bathtub…. don´t leave the tube unattended it could easily overflow
  • The plumber might have a full agenda in these days 🙂

Secrets & confidential information

The Eclipse always brings a lot of news. Some very surprising, some secrets and information that might be very helpful to give you the advantage in certain situations.

confidentialThere is so much creativity in the air and very good ideas might be popping up. If you want to share some of these, be careful who you invite to this circle of trust.

If you are in business it would be very convenient to have everybody signing the “No Disclosure Agreement”. Probably you think that this is a little exaggerated. Well, my dear friend, I have heard and seen some very bad moments and people steeling ideas and presenting them as their own.

Think about it!

But, also the Lunar Eclipses bring closure to a situation or a project. In this occasion the Eclipse takes place in a water sign, Pisces. This is an emotional and esoteric kind of Eclipse. Pisces rules the subconscious and healing. So, if you are already in a emotional detox progress or you were thinking of doing one… well, this is your chance to get a really enlightening message. Transmutation and transformation are some important keywords.


As I mentioned in the paragraph before “closure” is a typical aspect for Lunar Eclipse. It´s time to let go what is not working, not functional, not having any purpose in your life. Please take this literally!

You might finally be motivated to do the review of your wardrobe, shoes, handbags, the pile of paper you have on your living room desk. But  also you can put all your emotional burden in a suitcase and send it to the universe.

lunar-eclipse-sept-2016 WITH KIKIS DE LA CREME


Very often clients ask if it is good to burn some candles. Yes, do it! I recommend violet and white candles.  –  (Just be careful and don’t leave them unattended , as in this year of the monkey  –  fire could be a serious problem.)

Numerology and Meditation

This is an Eclipse to meditate in all senses. The less you put resistance to the coming changes, the best.

Numerology with Kikis de la CremeOn September 16, 2016 we have the daily numerology “Seven”. The seven invites you to include some “me-time” in your agenda. This day is a holiday here in Mexico. Starting on September 15, 2016 people will be celebrating “El Grito”. So, if you live in Mexico or are traveling here.. .you will easily have some time available to think about the direction you would like to give your personal and professional life.

Jupiter in Libra

With the planet of expansion traveling in the relationships sign, Libra focus on working with your team , a colleague or your business partner. These are days to collaborate on a new level. Many of you will be able to establish new business relationships and professional partnerships.


If you are still or again single these are days to mingle.  You will love to meet new people and the best is, there are plenty of marriageable types. 

So, dress up! Get a new haircut or color! – And do some planning on special activities. How about a night of dancing, a meditation circle, a spiritual ceremony, or even better a  romantic date ?


So, this promises to be a very active and interesting weekend. Mingle , have fun, celebrate “El Grito” . Flow with the changes and don´t forget to pack the white flag.

There are things that will not continue in your life. Stay open to the unknown. If you tried so hard to meet that special someone, to recover your Ex, to get the new project…. well now that you are releasing… surprise!!! – Some things will flow and workout for you.

I wish you all a very harmonious and joyful week.


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