Mercury Retrograde Special

Astrology Special: Mercury Retrograde         

 by Kikis de la Creme, August 30, 2016 ||updated July 30, 2017

Mercury retrograde 2017

July 24 ~ Mercury Pre-Shadow period starts at 28°Leo.
August 13 ~ Mercury Retrograde at 11° Virgo.(1.00 am UT.)
September 5 ~ Mercury Direct at 28° Leo. (11.29 am UT.)
September 19 ~ Post-Shadow ends at 11° Virgo

8 special tips to make the most of these following four weeks. This are tips for all the 12 zodiac signs:

8 Top Do´s & Don’t´s:

Relax / Do it
  • First of all relax, breathe… this Mercury retrograde phase allows you to put the syllable “re” in front of many verbs. What does this mean ? Well, you can now re-assess, re-do, re-analyse, re-think , re-connect, re-write, re-design many of your decisions, plans, projects and ideas. Isn´t this fabulous? The perfect timing for a fine-tuning.
Closure / Do it!
  • During this Mercury Retrograde phase you can re-direct also all your energy and apply a different focus to certain situations. Start to do things in a more efficient way. You and I, we all have circumstances, situations we need to find closure for… That´s the opportunity.
Re-connect with people / Do it!
  • You have probably been so busy lately that connecting with your family, friends from high school or university, neighbors has been the last item on your priority list. … well, during Mercury Retrograde re-connecting is possible.  This is after all, also a very positive aspect. It could be that you get a WhatsApp or call from an old friend, even an  “Exsssssss ” could try to reconnect with you. When you are reading this, for sure some of you will be yelling “nooooo”, well let me tell you a little secret.
  • If this “Ex” is really contacting you, please answer to it. There might be something you two need still to talk about, to figure out or even to closure.
  • Of course if in the past there has been some severe problem between you to, talking in person might not be the best option. Nevertheless you can still motivate this “Ex ” to send you an email with all he or she wants to let you know.
Organize your wardrobe, shoes, closets, drawers /do it!
  • I tell my clients generally that there is a basic rule for your wardrobe . What you have not worn in the last eight month.s.. you probably don’t need it or it doesn’t fit you anymore. Very simple! So now, that Mercury is station retrograde go through your closet and also your personal shoe department. The timing is perfect to repair the heels, the flats…. and what does not have any solution, get really rid of it. There is something so “Feng Shui” about this period. Cleaning up and organizing will give an extra push to your  prosperity.
Back up all your devices / do it!
  • The last couple of days I have been writing and telling people to back up their devices. In other occasions I would have started my 10 tips actually with this point, but I am sure you all have heard and read a lot about it. So you are all set? – No? –  Well, don’t loose time and get this done! I Have seen people really crying when they loose valuable information. You can avoid this.
Forgetfulness ? – Get copies of important documents / Do it!

The promise of paper & pen!

mercury retrograde special tips with Kikis de la CremeThis is a seri0us issue each time the planet Mercury stations retrograde. Here a little tip from my personal experiences. Get a paper copy of your most important ID´s , copy your flight, hotel and rental car arrangements.

If you are a tech freak… in this Mercury Retrograde time I highly recommend you to have additional, old-fashion paper calendar where you can double-check all your appointments.

Marriage  –  Don’t do it
  • After so many “Do it! s” we finally come to the “do not´s and one of this is getting married during Mercury Retrograde phase.  This a phase  when a lot of miscommunication and misunderstanding is present and after all if you two are ready to seal your relationship with a “yes” … you can probably wait a couple of days, or week sto fulfill this dream. I just want you to be sure you don´t regret it after all.
  • Generally speaking a divorce is a not very happy circumstance and during Mercury stationing retrograde this could get a kind of complicated, ending up in a lot of discussions. In case you present your divorce application in the following days or weeks do not expect that you will an easy agreement on whatever you are asking for.
written by Kikis de la Creme